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Ivory Deacon Stole 11641 - Qwick-Ship

Ivory Deacon Stole 11641 - Qwick-Ship

Murphy Robes

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Robes and Apparel Pulpit Robes and Stoles - Qwick-Ship
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Retail: $139.90
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Product Description

Murphy's ivory traditionally styled Deacon Stole features a beautifully embroidered symbol appropriate to the color, and secures at the side with a golden metal chain.

Tailored in the U.S.A. in Linette, a 100% polyester with a linen-like weave, this colorfast stole will provide years of trouble-free use.

Ready to ship in 24 hours from factory receipt of order exactly as shown.

More Product Information

  • Publisher: Murphy Robes
  • Producer: Murphy Robes
  • SKU: 1412_11641
  • Vendor Code: 11641

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